Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lexus LS 18-in Teleios alloy wheels

18-in Teleios alloy wheels

18-in Teleios alloy wheels

These stunning 18-inch Teleios alloy wheels [1] [2] with chrome finish add a touch of elegance.
Featuring a unique seven-spoke design, these elegant wheels add a hint of style all their own.
Precision-crafted to meet Lexus' strict engineering standards, they have been subjected to ride,
handling, safety and strength tests to help ensure their quality, strength and reliability. T
he hub-centric design provides superior balance resulting in less vibration along with a smoother ride than typical lug-centric aftermarket wheels.
Plus, they're corrosion-resistant to enhance durability. Unlike aftermarket chrome-finished wheels,
our Teleios alloy wheels are not made of environmentally harmful hexavalent chrome.

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