Monday, January 9, 2012

Air Intake System

BMW Performance Air Intake System

Getting everything your engine has to give.
The BMW Performance Air Intake System captures all the air your engine can possibly use, 
then introduces it as evenly as the engine can possibly use it, 
in the highest possible density. It generates more complete and more explosive combustion—and a fuller expression of your engine's sheer power and torque.

Upgrading to a BMW Performance Air Intake System will unleash gains of up to 3 horsepower and 3 ft-lbs. 
of torque, while also helping the engine to operate more efficiently with a 30% reduction in back pressure and increased overall performance.

This dynamic breathing system was developed with computer simulations that revealed the optional 
size, shape, number and position of pathways that not only allow, but actually inspire the most unrestrained flow of fresh air. 

The end result is a vehicle that responds to throttle inputs more robustly, and accelerates more energetically. 
It is not a coincidence that the innovative BMW Performance Air Intake System even makes your BMW sound faster.

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