Monday, January 9, 2012

Bentley Accessories


Bentley Accessories
Fuel filler cap

A uniquely styled sporting fuel filler cap. 
Features the Bentley “B” badge on top and a part knurled finish to provide enhanced grip.


Provides increased traction and grip in icy and snowy conditions. 
This alternative snow chain, can be fitted quickly and unlike conventional offerings, 
the central hub holds the chain loosely to allow the Spikes-Spider® to move around the tyre as it flexes in response to changes in the road surface.

Bentley Tyre Cradles

Offers effortless and effective tyre protection for cars in storage. Made from a unique polymer, 
each cradle moulds to the shape of the individual tyre offering supreme protection when the tyres are cooling

Bentley Valve Caps 

The finishing touch for a new set of wheels. 
Chrome valve caps embossed with the Bentley “B” logo, presented in a Bentley branded gift box. 
An ideal gift for Bentley owners.

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