Monday, January 9, 2012

BMW Performance Strut Braces

Brace yourself for a more rewarding drive

Imagine pulling lateral Gs in the thick of a corner that is becoming sharper than you thought a corner could be, 
with no end in sight, yet you're holding the inside line as tightly as a familiar turn on a familiar road. 
Better yet, don't imagine it. Experience it with the BMW Performance strut braces. BMW's high-tech strut braces have both low density and high strength characteristics.

They have the extreme rigidity to minimize front-end flex during the hardest cornering, 
which keeps your tires squarely on the road and delivers the traction you need when you need it most. At the same time they're exceptionally light, 
due to their hollow carbon profile—the same material used in Formula One racing-and brackets made of aluminum. Shock absorption is also increased, which reduces road forces and body roll and lends a firmer road-feel. 
All of which earns it a supporting role to powerful engines in modern motorsports, adding scarcely any weight, and dampening neither your speed nor your enthusiasm.

And while BMW engineers created a stunning example of cutting-edge design, the real beauty of the strut brace is the confidence you'll feel when your vehicle is under stress. 

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