Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lexus LS 18-in Teleios alloy wheels

18-in Teleios alloy wheels

18-in Teleios alloy wheels

These stunning 18-inch Teleios alloy wheels [1] [2] with chrome finish add a touch of elegance.
Featuring a unique seven-spoke design, these elegant wheels add a hint of style all their own.
Precision-crafted to meet Lexus' strict engineering standards, they have been subjected to ride,
handling, safety and strength tests to help ensure their quality, strength and reliability. T
he hub-centric design provides superior balance resulting in less vibration along with a smoother ride than typical lug-centric aftermarket wheels.
Plus, they're corrosion-resistant to enhance durability. Unlike aftermarket chrome-finished wheels,
our Teleios alloy wheels are not made of environmentally harmful hexavalent chrome.

Lexus LS 460 Sport Accessories

LS 460 Sport

View Of LS 460 Sport


Monday, January 9, 2012

Air Intake System

BMW Performance Air Intake System

Getting everything your engine has to give.
The BMW Performance Air Intake System captures all the air your engine can possibly use, 
then introduces it as evenly as the engine can possibly use it, 
in the highest possible density. It generates more complete and more explosive combustion—and a fuller expression of your engine's sheer power and torque.

Upgrading to a BMW Performance Air Intake System will unleash gains of up to 3 horsepower and 3 ft-lbs. 
of torque, while also helping the engine to operate more efficiently with a 30% reduction in back pressure and increased overall performance.

This dynamic breathing system was developed with computer simulations that revealed the optional 
size, shape, number and position of pathways that not only allow, but actually inspire the most unrestrained flow of fresh air. 

The end result is a vehicle that responds to throttle inputs more robustly, and accelerates more energetically. 
It is not a coincidence that the innovative BMW Performance Air Intake System even makes your BMW sound faster.

BMW Brake Kits

Brake with authority. Drive with confidence

When a vehicle is built for high-performance driving, 
it's expected that high speeds and sporty maneuvers may require urgent deceleration. 
And only BMW knows how to stop its vehicles as well as it knows how to get them moving.
BMW Performance Brake Kits consist of slotted and cross-drilled front rotors and large fixed calipers. 
Designed for the 18'' alloy wheel, these braking systems effectively dissipate heat as well as water build-up between rotors and pads, 
and provide the muscular stopping power that you will need