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Porsche Models Interior



Standart Seats

Standard seats
The standard seats with centre upholstered in Alcantara offer a high degree of comfort with good lateral support and optimised under-seat suspension. Through bends, your seat gives you a feeling of security without restriction. The seats are equipped as standard with manual height and fore/aft adjustment and an electric backrest adjustment, enabling virtually every driver to find the ideal seat position, regardless of physical build.
Comfort seats with driver memory
Comfort seats with electric fore/ aft, height, backrest and lumbar support adjustment are available as an option. The tilt angle of the seat squab is also electrically adjustable. The memory function supports the exterior mirrors and all seat positions on the driver’s side. Using the control switches in the door panel, it is possible to restore one of two personalised settings. Additionally, you can store a further seat position in each of the ignition keys. As soon as you unlock the door using the key remote, the driver’s seat and exterior mirrors resume their stored position.
Sports seats
The optional sports seats have firmer leather upholstery than the standard design. Higher side bolsters on the seat squab and backrest provide additional lateral support. The seat height and fore/aft position are adjusted manually, the backrest electrically.
Adaptive sports seats with driver memory
The optional adaptive sports seats in leather upholstery combine excellent comfort with first-rate track performance.
Along with all the adjustment features of the comfort seats, the side bolsters on the seat surface and backrest are individually electrically adjustable, for increased comfort on long journeys and tailor-made lateral support through bends or on the racetrack. The memory function supports the exterior mirrors and all driver’s seat positions, apart from the side bolsters.
Sports bucket seats*
For the ultimate sports experience, you could opt for sports bucket seats with a folding backrest, integral thorax airbag and manual fore/aft adjustment. The backrest shell is made from glass/carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic and has a stylish carbon-weave finish. The backrest pivots are positioned high in the side bolsters to provide lateral support to the pelvic region characteristic of a race seat. The seat upholstery is offered in all available leather types and colours.
Seat heating and ventilation
As an option, all compatible seats – apart from sports bucket seats – can be equipped with two-level seat heating. Seat ventilation for the standard seats and comfort seats is also available as an option (only in conjunction with heated seats, automatic climate control, and part- or full-leather interior). A slipstream effect evaporates perspiration moisture – for a comfortable seating environment. Ventilation intensity can be set to any of three levels.
* Child restraint systems must not be used in conjunction with sports bucket seats.
 steering wheel 
Porsche steering wheel 
The Boxster models are equipped as standard with a sports steering wheel with full-size airbag. As an option, you can specify a multifunction steering wheel with integrated buttons for the most essential audio and, where applicable, navigation and telephone functions. The multifunction steering wheel is available in a choice of smooth leather, Aluminium Look, carbon or macassar finish.
In combination with the optional Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), the steering wheel can be optionally fitted with gearshift switches – and is also available as a multifunction steering wheel if required. Also available on request is the Sport- Design steering wheel. For extra comfort in the cold winter months, there is the optional steering wheel heating (available only in conjunction with seat heating). It is available for all steering wheels, except the SportDesign steering wheel.

 instrument cluster

Boxster Instrument

Each black circular dial in the instrument cluster – aluminium-coloured in the Boxster S – provides important information at a glance. In the centre is the analogue rev counter with digital speedometer and a customisable display of key data from the standard on-board computer. Additional data, such as average fuel consumption, fuel range or the data of the optional TPM can be shown as desired.
The right-hand dial displays the outside temperature and shift pattern of the optional Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), as well as the selected gear. The dial on the left contains the analogue speedometer with digital trip meter and total distance display. The design and legibility of the dials are also enhanced by the white backlight illumination.

Porsche Communication

PCM is available on request for both Boxster models. As the central information and communications system, it can be used for many different applications and its ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to operate.
The main feature is the 6.5-inch colour touchscreen with a durable, easy-to-clean coating. Functional, innovative and easy to use, you will find the display very clearly presented and a maximum of five list entries per page enable you to operate the unit quickly and safely. Alternatively, you can also operate the PCM using conventional button controls.
Radio functions include up to 42 memory presets and an FM dual tuner with RDS and frequency diversity, which continuously scans in the background for the best signal.
The integrated single CD/DVD drive – in combination with the optional BOSE® Surround Sound System – is also able to play back music from audio and video DVDs in the 5.1 discrete surround format. An integrated six-disc CD/DVD autochanger with MP3 compatibility is also available as an option for the PCM.

Navigation module for PCM

The GPS navigation module included with the optional PCM now has an internal hard drive containing maps for most European countries.
A touchscreen enables rapid destination input and instant viewing of traffic information and points of interest (POIs) by simply allowing you to touch the symbols on the map. Route diversions, e.g. the nearest service stations, can therefore be incorporated quickly and easily into the current route guidance.
When viewing a map, it is possible to select between a 3D perspective and the 2D display. At motorway exits, graphical turn indications are displayed for better orientation. In splitscreen mode, you can choose to display not only the current map overview, but also a list of icons that represent dynamic route guidance.

Electronic logbook

The optional electronic logbook enables automatic recording of relevant driving data. Once you have downloaded the logbooks via Bluetooth® or the optional USB interface, you can evaluate them on your home PC using the software supplied (software complies with all statutory requirements for automatic logbooks as specified by the German revenue authorities).

TV tuner

A TV tuner, available as a option, receives free-to-air analogue and digital broadcasts (DVB-T) and provides entertainment between journeys. For your safety, the TV picture cannot be displayed while the vehicle is in motion.

Voice control system

Almost all of the functions of the PCM can be controlled using the latest optional voice control system with word-by-word input. The menu item is read aloud exactly as it is displayed on the screen and the voice control system recognises commands or sequences of numbers, whoever the speaker. It then gives an audible acknowledgement and carries out the functions you request. There is no need to ‘train’ the system.

Telephone module for PCM*

Available as an option, the quadband GSM telephone module offers convenience and excellent reception. Hands-free calls can be made by inserting a SIM card directly into the PCM’s integral SIM card reader. And for even more convenience, the Bluetooth® capability of a mobile phone can be used to make calls through the SIM Access Profile (SAP). Once automatic pairing is complete, the mobile phone’s aerial is switched off to conserve battery charge and the phone operates via the car aerial. Depending on the type of mobile phone, this gives access not only to the numbers on the SIM card, but also to the phone’s internal memory.
The mobile phone can also be controlled, depending on the model, by means of the PCM, the optional multifunction steering wheel or the optional voice control system, without it ever leaving your pocket.
In addition, the telephone module can be used to enable a Bluetooth® connection for those mobile phones that only support the Handsfree Profile (HFP). Here, the GSM connection is established through the aerial of the mobile phone. The PCM acts as the hands-free system and the mobile phone can remain stowed away.
A cordless handset is also available for the telephone module. However, this cannot be used for Bluetooth® calls via the Handsfree Profile (HFP).
* Mobile phone preparation: The use of a mobile phone inside a car may cause an increase in the interior electromagnetic field strength and, accordingly, in the electromagnetic radiation to which passengers are exposed. The use of the telephone module for PCM via Bluetooth® SAP connection or with the SIM card inserted prevents exposure to electromagnetic radiation as only the car’s external aerial is ever used.
For information on compatible mobile phones, please contact your Porsche Centre.
Telephone module in HFP mode: The use of a mobile phone inside a car may cause an increase in the interior electromagnetic field strength and, accordingly, in the electromagnetic radiation to which passengers are exposed. The use of the telephone module for PCM via Bluetooth® SAP connection or with the SIM card inserted prevents exposure to electromagnetic radiation as only the car’s external aerial is ever used.

Universal Audio Interface

With this optional feature, the storage compartment in the centre console in combination with the optional PCM will contain up to three connections: one for your iPod®, one for a USB stick/MP3 player and one as an AUX interface for any compatible audio source of your choice. The iPod® or USB stick can be controlled conveniently and safely using the PCM. Through the USB socket, it is also possible to download data from the performance display of the Sport Chrono Package, as well as data from the electronic logbook.
In conjunction with the CDR-30 audio system that comes as standard, there is an AUX socket for connecting any other type of audio source.


Two carpet-lined luggage compartments are available. The front loadspace capacity is 150 litres, with 130 litres at the rear – even when the hood is lowered. At the front there's enough room for the large trolley from the Porsche Travel System, while the rear can accommodate the Porsche golf bag. The luggage compartment covers are made of lightweight aluminium. A service hatch located in the rear luggage compartment enables easy refilling of coolant and engine oil.

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