Thursday, December 22, 2011

BMW Accessories

                               BMW Travel & comfort system

The versatile modular BMW Travel & comfort system has a basic carrier that is simply fixed between the headrest mountings and can be used with various practical attachments. The BMW holder for Apple iPad™ allows you to comfortably use your iPad in landscape or portrait mode from the back seat. The removable clothes hanger ensures crease-free transport of clothing and can be used away from the car. The folding table with built-in drinks holder is especially useful on long journeys and offers the rear passengers a practical surface with height and angle adjustment. It also has a fold-out drinks holder with an elegant chrome ring. Use the universal hooks to hang up smaller items like cases or garment bags and make the most of your stowage space.

Bluetooth hands-free kit

Make telephone calls safely and comfortably with the Basis Bluetooth hands-free kit from Original BMW Accessories. The connection between the hands-free kit and current Apple™, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola as well as RIM BlackBerry® devices is established wirelessly and telephone numbers and incoming caller IDs are shown on the radio and/or control display.

BMW holder for Apple iPad™.

Watch videos, check e-mails or surf the Internet: whatever you wish to do with your iPad, the BMW holder for Apple iPad™ lets you find the right position with ease and leaves your hands free. Set it either in Office Mode below the headrest to make using the onscreen keyboard more comfortable or in Movie Mode at eye level behind the headrest to enjoy a relaxing video. Both modes allow you to rotate the holder through 90° in either direction to find the best position for the iPad and use it in landscape and portrait position. Thanks to the stand supplied, you can enjoy the benefits of the BMW holder for Apple iPad™ outside of your BMW, too.

For maximum benefit, you should use the BMW holder for Apple iPad™ in combination with the BMW Car Hotspot, the wireless hotspot for your BMW.
The benefits at a glance
·  Apple iPad™ can be used in landscape or portrait position
·  Office Mode for working in comfort
·  Movie Mode for relaxed viewing
·  Supplied with a stand so it can also be used outside of the vehicle

BMW Link App for Apple iPhone™.

The iPhone app ‘BMW Link’ makes using your iPhone during the journey easier and more comfortable. Large icons and optimised text size guide you through the telephone or music player menu functions which, thanks to ‘BMW Link’ you can also use in landscape format. In addition, the app is the perfect match for the BMW Station for Apple iPhone™: not only are iPhone and BMW connected with BMW Link, but they also augment each other with functions like navigation and selected services from BMW ConnectedDrive, e.g. Breakdown Service, Google Local Search, News and Weather available on your iPhone. Telephone calls are easy to make and receive with the high-quality directional microphone and automatic radio mute, which is also activated when navigation announcements are made.

All the benefits at a glance:
·         Maximum ease of use, thanks to large icons, optimised text size and simplified menus
·         Enhanced telephone functions in connection with the BMW Station for Apple iPhone™
·         Telephone or music player functions can also be used in landscape position
·         Access to a selection of BMW ConnectedDrive services (incl. News, Weather, Breakdown Service, Google Local Search)

BMW Car Hotspot

Online whenever and wherever you want with the wireless hotspot for use on the move. The BMW Car Hotspot allows passengers to surf the Internet with their smartphone, iPad or laptop even during the journey. All that’s needed is a device with a WLAN interface. Automatic interrupt-free switching between UMTS and GSM networks, supported by the vehicle’s external aerial, provides a reliable Internet connection with practically 100 per cent coverage. Use of the BMW Car Hotspot also reduces exposure to mobile phone signals in the vehicle interior and prolongs battery life of the mobile device. Installation of the hotspot is quick and easy thanks to the snap-in adapter in the central armrest.

Can only be used in combination with a data SIM card or a mobile telephone with SAP interface (SIM Access Profile).

The benefits at a glance:
·         Passengers can surf the Internet even on the move
·         Installed in the central armrest of the vehicle, including electricity supply and connection to external aerial
·         Can be used with any WLAN-enabled device
·         Switches automatically between GSM and UMTS networks, for a reliable Internet connection

BMW snap-in adapter for Apple iPhone™

Inconspicuous device – strikingly effective result: the BMW snap-in adapter guarantees perfect operation of your mobile phone while you are on the move.
Thanks to the secure and stable docking system, your telephone remains safely fastened in the vehicle. A connection to the external aerial channels the electromagnetic radiation out of the passenger compartment and improves reception. And – as an added bonus – your mobile phone is automatically charged during the journey.

The benefits at a glance:
·         Enhanced reception
·         Automatic charging of the mobile phone

Portable Navigation Pro and Plus

The new generation of BMW Portable Navigation is a genuine all-rounder. Not only does the modern, portable navigation system blend perfectly into the interior of the vehicle, but with lane assist, junction view and a built-in hands-free capability for Bluetooth mobile phones it makes your journey even safer and more comfortable. Both versions have a high-resolution 4.3-inch multitouch glass display to optimise reading and usability.
The ‘Pro’ version offers many handy extras, like voice control or 3D map views. Up-to-date maps are preinstalled as a matter of course and cover western and eastern Europe. You also benefit from a lifelong free map update. A further advantage is that Portable Navigation Pro is compatible with all current digital road maps.

The benefits at a glance:
·         Voice control
·         Lifelong free map update (Portable Navigation Pro)
·         3D map perspective (Portable Navigation Pro)
·         Compatible with all digital road maps on the market
·         Hands-free capability
·         Lane assist
·         Hidden wiring
·         Perfect integration in the interior

Available for:
• all BMW 1 Series
• all BMW 3 Series
• BMW X1
• BMW X3
• BMW Z4 Roadster

BMW glasses case

With its sophisticated yet sporty design, the glasses case with BMW lettering blends perfectly into the interior of your BMW. The built-in Velcro fastening provides a simple and flexible way to secure glasses or sunglasses to the interior of your BMW – for instance to the sun visor or grab handle – and keep them within easy reach.

BMW Road Map Update 2012 for your BMW navigation system

Roads change constantly and so do your destinations. The DVD Road Map Update 2012 for the BMW navigation systems keeps up with these developments. With up-to-date map material, you will always find the best route to your destination. Which is the shortest route and where are the scenic routes? How can I avoid traffic jams and are there any interesting sights in this area? Are there any restaurants that specialise in local cuisine and where’s the nearest petrol station? BMW’s digital road maps have the answers, letting you know as much about your new destination as you do about your home town. Ask your BMW Partner about the compatible software version for your BMW navigation system.

Available for most BMW navigation systems

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