Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lexus LS 18-in Teleios alloy wheels

18-in Teleios alloy wheels

18-in Teleios alloy wheels

These stunning 18-inch Teleios alloy wheels [1] [2] with chrome finish add a touch of elegance.
Featuring a unique seven-spoke design, these elegant wheels add a hint of style all their own.
Precision-crafted to meet Lexus' strict engineering standards, they have been subjected to ride,
handling, safety and strength tests to help ensure their quality, strength and reliability. T
he hub-centric design provides superior balance resulting in less vibration along with a smoother ride than typical lug-centric aftermarket wheels.
Plus, they're corrosion-resistant to enhance durability. Unlike aftermarket chrome-finished wheels,
our Teleios alloy wheels are not made of environmentally harmful hexavalent chrome.

Lexus LS 460 Sport Accessories

LS 460 Sport

View Of LS 460 Sport


Monday, January 9, 2012

Air Intake System

BMW Performance Air Intake System

Getting everything your engine has to give.
The BMW Performance Air Intake System captures all the air your engine can possibly use, 
then introduces it as evenly as the engine can possibly use it, 
in the highest possible density. It generates more complete and more explosive combustion—and a fuller expression of your engine's sheer power and torque.

Upgrading to a BMW Performance Air Intake System will unleash gains of up to 3 horsepower and 3 ft-lbs. 
of torque, while also helping the engine to operate more efficiently with a 30% reduction in back pressure and increased overall performance.

This dynamic breathing system was developed with computer simulations that revealed the optional 
size, shape, number and position of pathways that not only allow, but actually inspire the most unrestrained flow of fresh air. 

The end result is a vehicle that responds to throttle inputs more robustly, and accelerates more energetically. 
It is not a coincidence that the innovative BMW Performance Air Intake System even makes your BMW sound faster.

BMW Brake Kits

Brake with authority. Drive with confidence

When a vehicle is built for high-performance driving, 
it's expected that high speeds and sporty maneuvers may require urgent deceleration. 
And only BMW knows how to stop its vehicles as well as it knows how to get them moving.
BMW Performance Brake Kits consist of slotted and cross-drilled front rotors and large fixed calipers. 
Designed for the 18'' alloy wheel, these braking systems effectively dissipate heat as well as water build-up between rotors and pads, 
and provide the muscular stopping power that you will need

BMW Performance Strut Braces

Brace yourself for a more rewarding drive

Imagine pulling lateral Gs in the thick of a corner that is becoming sharper than you thought a corner could be, 
with no end in sight, yet you're holding the inside line as tightly as a familiar turn on a familiar road. 
Better yet, don't imagine it. Experience it with the BMW Performance strut braces. BMW's high-tech strut braces have both low density and high strength characteristics.

They have the extreme rigidity to minimize front-end flex during the hardest cornering, 
which keeps your tires squarely on the road and delivers the traction you need when you need it most. At the same time they're exceptionally light, 
due to their hollow carbon profile—the same material used in Formula One racing-and brackets made of aluminum. Shock absorption is also increased, which reduces road forces and body roll and lends a firmer road-feel. 
All of which earns it a supporting role to powerful engines in modern motorsports, adding scarcely any weight, and dampening neither your speed nor your enthusiasm.

And while BMW engineers created a stunning example of cutting-edge design, the real beauty of the strut brace is the confidence you'll feel when your vehicle is under stress. 

BMW Carbon Fiber Accessories

Befitting to a BMW tuned to high performance.

It's the finishing touches—the perfected details—that make a masterpiece. 
In the case of your BMW, those final touches come in the form of BMW Performance carbon fiber interior and exterior accessories. 
Transported from the race world to your BMW, carbon fiber offers a look that cannot be replicated by any other material.

This cutting-edge material is made by hand in a painstaking layering process and has both a rich and a high-tech feel. 
The complex manufacturing process, combined with its lightweight nature and strength, make carbon a highly desirable and exclusive product. 

These carbon fiber accessories exude the understated elegance and dynamic character of BMW. 


BMW Performance Differential

Power. It’s the elemental force generated by a car. 
And how it is transmitted to the road makes all the difference. 
When you choose a BMW Performance Differential, that power is not only increased, 
but delivered smoothly and efficiently. This includes a 5% increase in axle ratio, 
increasing the torque delivered to the ground for faster, more immediate acceleration—up to 60 mph, 
approximately half a second faster than the standard 330i. The result is heightened responsiveness, 
and a more exciting drive no matter where you are headed. 

BMW Performance Engine Kit

BMW Performance Engine Kit. 

More power for the vehicle equipped to use it.

There’s little doubt drivers pursuing higher performance will become emotionally attached to the BMW Performance Engine Kit. 
Energized by the kit’s purpose-designed intake and exhaust camshafts, your engine will generate increased horsepower, and turn out more ft-lbs of torque. 
You’ll experience a quicker 0-to-60, more midrange punch, and an aggressive attack on the steepest hills.

In addition to the camshafts, the Performance Engine Kit includes a software upgrade of engine electronics engineered to completely satisfy your hunger for power.

Shifters and Levers

BMW Performance Shifters and Levers

Shift into higher performance.
The BMW Performance shifters and levers shorten the shift throw by roughly 25%, 
to deliver a more direct shift feel. With their enhanced design, gain concise control over your engine to capture the exhilaration of motorsport handling.

Steering Wheel

BMW Performance Steering Wheel

Drive harder, easier.

Both the design and function of the BMW Performance Steering Wheel captures the feel and spirit of the racetrack.
Based on Formula One instrumentation, the Performance Steering Wheel displays critical data from the powertrain 
and chassis and positions it where your eyes focus naturally. Intuitive controls and an icon-based interface provide seamless access to a G-meter, 
a stopwatch with lap timing functions, a quarter-mile timer, an engine temp readout, and adjustable shift lights. Leather and Alcantara® 
designs add a stylish touch to the vehicle interior and harmonize with other BMW Performance accessories.
By giving you access to such a range of functions without having to take your hands from the wheel, this unique accessory lets you set the pace of every drive. 

BMW Performance Wheels

Explore the speed of light

The right wheels can make a car come alive. 
And nothing can make a BMW come alive in terms of handling and appearance like a full set of BMW Performance Wheels.

Available in 18'', 19'' and 21'' for select models, BMW Performance Wheels are designed exclusively for high-performance drivers like you. 

BMW Performance Aerodynamics package

BMW Performance Aerodynamics

Having notched up victories on the most challenging racetracks around the world since the 1930s, 
BMW has a history rooted in performance. Yet, despite our many accomplishments, 
there's still one standard that may surpass BMW's - yours.

To meet your individual driving style, nothing unleashes thrill after breathtaking thrill like BMW Performance accessories for select models.

Blending stimulating design, powerful dynamics, and enhanced quality and safety features, 
all BMW Performance accessories give drivers an intense, visceral experience. 
An experience that unites both car and driver in an ideal state. A place of total, 100% exhilaration.

BMW Performance is the only choice for drivers looking to personalize their cars and boost performance. 
All accessories meet the quality, innovation, engineering and safety standards you expect from BMW. 
They can be purchased and installed individually, each guaranteed to be a perfect fit. 
Accessories from any other manufacturer would simply be a compromise. 
Because BMW Performance accessories are Original BMW Accessories, they have the same BMW warranty. 

Bentley Accessories


Bentley Accessories
Fuel filler cap

A uniquely styled sporting fuel filler cap. 
Features the Bentley “B” badge on top and a part knurled finish to provide enhanced grip.


Provides increased traction and grip in icy and snowy conditions. 
This alternative snow chain, can be fitted quickly and unlike conventional offerings, 
the central hub holds the chain loosely to allow the Spikes-Spider® to move around the tyre as it flexes in response to changes in the road surface.

Bentley Tyre Cradles

Offers effortless and effective tyre protection for cars in storage. Made from a unique polymer, 
each cradle moulds to the shape of the individual tyre offering supreme protection when the tyres are cooling

Bentley Valve Caps 

The finishing touch for a new set of wheels. 
Chrome valve caps embossed with the Bentley “B” logo, presented in a Bentley branded gift box. 
An ideal gift for Bentley owners.